American jobs are going up in smoke

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News flash for coal miners: President Trump’s order to reverse Obama-era environmental policy is not going to bring back your jobs. They are going, going, gone not due to environmental regulations, but because of cheaper natural gas and the exponential growth of renewable energy capacity.

Trump’s assertion that environmental protections and regulations hamper job growth in general are demonstrably false.

California alone has far more advanced energy jobs than there are coal miners in America, and the pay is better and the work is healthier. In January 2016, CNNMoney reported that nationally the U.S. “solar industry work force is bigger than that of oil and gas construction, and nearly three times the size of the entire coal mining work force.”

Source: New York Times, Thomas Friedman

While Trump’s order won’t create jobs, it will achieve his stated goal of creating wealth – at least for the fossil fuel executives who make up his cabinet and inner circle of advisors.

Apart from endangering the planet and our health, the biggest thing Trump’s order will do is surrender America’s leadership in clean power – the newest global industry. That doesn’t bode well for American industry in general.

…executives of hundreds of major American corporations who fear that without energy innovation their costs will rise and their competitive edge over foreign companies will be lost.

Source: New York Times, Editorial Board

Who will pick up the slack? China. Their latest 5-year plan moves away from coal and focuses on energy efficiency, electric cars, batteries, wind, solar, and nuclear power.

President Trump’s claim that climate change was a hoax invented by the Chinese to hurt American industry was wrong. Trump is the hoax that is going to hurt American industry.

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